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Garden Party

  Hey babes! Do we have some catching up to do! At this point, that should just be my slogan because I always find myself taking long breaks from posting, but definitely not because I am sick of 'The Comber. Trust me when I say I would rather be blogging, but we all know how life unfolds all at once. For a quick-ish recap, I am currently writing this blog while staring at skyscrapers out my window. Btw, I know what you're thinking, and no it's not New York (yet!), but I did move to Pittsburgh. Literally over the course of one week over the summer, I finally made the decision to pursue my graphic design certification, scheduled classes, found an apartment, and finished out my job for the summer. Then, over this past week, I went to the beach, came home, and moved early in the morning next day. I don't think there is enough tea in the world to keep me energized at this point! A fun outfit, however, is sometimes all the recharge I need! Talk about a pink power up with this

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