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Flower Child

Hi loves! I missed you all so much! It's hard to believe it has been over a month since I typed up a new blogpost! My life is a lot different now than it was a month ago, however, because my classes are over and it is officially "summer" for me. It seems like I blinked and Junior year is done...though the last few months of online classes definitely dragged. As I'm sure you all agree, 2020 also seems like a bit of a blur in that it has basically been the same old ~stuff~ but a different day. I know it is easy to become discouraged and unmotivated by the current situation, so let the power of a good outfit add some positivity to your days. Staying in doesn't have to mean boring clothes because life is too short for that! I've always been a strong believer in the forces of fashion, and now more than ever, I see how throwing on a cute ensemble and doing my makeup makes me feel more put together, more confident, and more "normal." Getting ready has bee…

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