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Floral Fairytale

Hi loves! I hope you're all surviving the July heatwave! I have been spending most of my days by the pool and basically living in swimwear. Every once in a while, you can find me in actual clothes, though! I love any excuse to dress up and feel fancy, even if it's just for a floral photoshoot. Obviously, this LoveShackFancy X Target dress is the definition of fancy with its whimsical silhouette and feminine color palette. When you put it on, you truly feel like a princess! In the midst of all the chaos and tragedy of 2020, it's time to write your own fairytale filled with joy, adventure, and fashion, of course. If I could live the storybook lifestyle, I would definitely have a white marble castle with a huge walk-in closet and plenty of space for Maxie (my kitty)—and I suppose a little room for the prince, too. For now, this dress has to satisfy all of my fashionable fantasies! I chose to style it simply with dainty layers of gold/rose gold jewelry and champagne bow slide…

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