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Best in Class

Hey lovelies! Well, fall is officially here, and whether we like it or not, that also means school is in full swing (in other words, syllabus week is over and the assignments are piling up at a rapid pace)! If you're still in middle school, high school, college, etc., and even if you are a grad, you all know that back to school feeling—excited to see your friends, but dreading the homework! Though I've always been a "straight A" student, I remember saying I only liked school the first and second days of Kindergarten and that was it (hahaha)! However, there is always one activity associated with "Back to School" that I am more than happy to participate! I love getting fun stationery, supplies, apartment d├ęcor, and of course, clothes! Even as a Junior in college, I still look forward to hitting up the mall with my parents to look for new outfits for the upcoming semester. Honestly, I don't know if it is still acceptable to go "Back to …

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