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Parisian in Punxsutawney

Hi babes! I know it's been a while since you've heard from me! Actually, due to some ~technical~ issues back in March with my domain, was down for a few weeks (a super sad and stressful time in which I had an existential crisis). The good news is, however, we are back in business and back with fashion, of course! I am happy to be blogging again as writing/connecting helps keep me grounded, especially during these last few weeks of classes that have me tired and creatively drained. Contributing to The Closet Comber is the best way to refresh! Speaking of refresh, while I would love to escape to Paris right now, I had to settle for my hometown of Punxsy! I thought a few French fries and French outfit inspiration would do the trick (and lots of imagination)! So, as the French gals do, I kept it sleek, chic, and minimal, pairing a cream body suit with coordinating boots, a vinyl jacket, vegan leather shorts, a beret, and my new Yves Saint Laurent tote—nothing sa

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