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Out West

Hi lovelies! I hope you are having a great start to your October! October means it is the beginning of Spooky season, and though I am certainly not the biggest fan of Halloween (a very unpopular opinion, I know), I do find a little inspiration in eerie, ghastly places. The theme for this shoot was western ghost town, mixed with a little outlaw energy. Luckily, it was as if Punxsutawney plucked a little piece of the deserted desert land and brought it to Pennsylvania, bringing my vision to life. Inspired by women of the wild west, I opted for my fringe Levi's jacket & fringe Michael Kors belt bag, pairing it with some pointed toe "roach killer" boots, while keeping things simple underneath with a tube top and denim skirt. The details of this look are a nod to the culture of the old West, though I wanted to add a chic modern spin for a fashionable outfit that is sure to impress, no matter what coast (or what part of the world, actually)! So whether you're in the Mo…

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